Transport & Logistics Sector

Improve your business’s cashflow

Keeping your trucks up and running on the road and drivers paid is the key to a successful transport business. This means a healthy cashflow is required to keep the wheels of your business turning. Capital Factor can help facilitate the growth of your business by creating a consistent cash flow through invoice factoring.

Transport contracts are often only paid at best on delivery or 30 to 60 payment terms. Either way, you have already incurred the wages, fuel and maintenance costs of delivering. With tight margins on contracts, the long payment cycles can put the brakes on your business. With Capital Factor the payment cycle can be cut down to only 48 hours for approved invoices, so you keep the wheels of your business turning.

  • 1

    Invoice Customer

    Your transport & logistics company wins a transport contract and you invoice your client.

  • 2

    Get Funding Immediately

    Capital Factor will pay up to 98% of this invoice value with 48 hours.

  • 3

    Payment Received

    We collect the invoice from the customer.

Let Capital Factor help your business find the best funding solution to suit your needs.

Why choose Capital Factor?

Improve cash flow without additional debt

Flexibility to choose which claims to factor

No arrangement fees

Up to 95% of invoices paid

Funds released with 48 hours

Transport and Logistics Industry Capital Factor Invoice factoring


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