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The Zimbabwean economy is slowly improving, and companies are starting to see growth and new opportunities. In order to exploit these opportunities, Capital Factor understands that cash is king, and cash flow is the lifeblood of every company. This is particularly true for companies that have heavy payroll commitments such as security firms. If you have a small to medium security firm with big contracts that have long payment cycles this can make meeting weekly payroll very stressful. By using invoice factoring, you can alleviate this burden from your business.

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    Invoice Customer

    Your security firms provide security staff and services to approved customers and then invoices them with a copy sent to Capital Factor.

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    Get Funding Immediately

    Capital Factor will release up to 98% of the invoice value to your security company within 48 hours.

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    Payment Received

    Your customer will pay Capital Factor the full value of the invoice on the agreed payment terms.

Let Capital Factor help your business find the best funding solution to suit your needs.

Why choose Capital Factor?

Improve cash flow without additional debt

Flexibility to choose which invoices to factor

No arrangement fees

Up to 95% of invoices paid

Funds released with 48 hours

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