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Capital Factor was primarily set up to support the cash flow needs of the health sector. This type of invoice factoring is also known as claim factoring. Capital Factor can factor medical aid claims from creditworthy medical aid organisations. This means that healthcare providers such as physicians and pharmacies can receive up to 95% of the value of the claims within only 48 hours, instead of waiting at least 60 days but often longer to receive the money due.

Capital Factor will check the creditworthiness of a medical aid company. Once approved, the claim factoring facility can be used by your healthcare company as and when you choose. This will give you the ability to cover staff costs, re-stock medicines and consumables and ensure the smooth running of your practice or pharmacy.

Capital Factor has pre-approved claim factoring facilities for both CellMed and Bonvie. In most cases, we provide same day funding once we receive an emailed copy of the claim for these organisations. We are continuing to partner with reputable medical aid organisations.

  • 1

    Send Claims

    Send a claim to both Capital Factor and the medical aid organisation.

  • 2

    Funds Released

    Capital Factor will pay up to 95% of approved claims, for a pre-approved medical aid organisation, within 48 hours.

  • 3

    Medical Aid Settles Claim

    Capital Factor will receive 100% of the value of the claim from the medical aid organisation with the normal 60-day cycle.

Let Capital Factor help your business find the best funding solution to suit your needs.

Why choose Capital Factor?

Improve cash flow without additional debt

Flexibility to choose which claims to factor

No arrangement fees

Up to 95% of invoices paid

Funds released with 48 hours

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