Boost your business with immediate cash flow

Cash flow is the number one priority in keeping the cogs of a business moving. Capital Factor allows you to create a steady flow of cash into your business through debtor factoring. By bridging the gap between invoicing and receipt of payment, you can unlock the value of your account receivables and accelerate the growth of your business. All this without taking out a loan from a bank or using your assets as security for funding. 

Factoring is a transaction in which a business sells its invoices, or receivables, to a third-party financial company known as a “factor”.  The factor then collects payment on those invoices from the business’ customers. Factoring is also known as ” accounts receivable financing.”

The main reason that companies choose to factor is that they want to receive cash quickly on their receivables, rather than waiting the 30 to 60 days it often takes for a customer to pay. Factoring allows companies to quickly build up their cash flow, which makes it easier for them to pay employees, handle customer orders and grow the business.

Capital Factor provides an alternative, flexible working capital solution for all companies in Zimbabwe. We serve every sector and have clients across manufacturing, transport, health and many more. With a minimum invoice to factor of only $2,000, invoice factoring can help your business today.

Bridging Gaps Unlocking ValueBoost Your Business's Cash Flow with Capital Factor

Industries Served

Your business can qualify for factoring regardless of your credit rating or business history. The good news is that even if your company has been turned down for a loan or line of credit before, you can still factor with Capital Factor and immediately improve your cash flow. 


Through debtor finance, you can improve the cash flow of your business to meet your input and production costs.

Transport &

Invoice factoring gives your business the  benefit of immediate cash flow to meet the fluctuations in fuel, wages and vehicle maintenance costs of your fleet.


We factor medical aid claims to help Health Service Providers to meet the working capital requirements of their practice.

Wholesale &
Distribution Factoring

Long credit cycles are part of the distribution model – our debtor factoring may help alleviate any cash flow issues.


Use factor financing to extend payment terms to your customers whilst obtaining cash to accelerate growth and profits.


The construction industry has a complicated hierarchy of contractors and sub-contractors which can cause payment delays – debtor factoring addresses this for you.


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